Girls playing on boys teams

Those of a certain era may remember the Brady Bunch episode, “The emancipation of Marcia Brady” where Peter, in chauvinistic retaliation for Marcia joining Greg’s Frontier Scouts, decides to join the local Sunflower Girls troop.  Of course this all ends badly as Peter eventually quits after being taunted and teased.

In Ontario, The Human Rights Tribunal ruled that 17 year-old Courtney Greer of Waterloo has the right to try out for her school’s boys soccer team.  Other provinces, notably British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan have stated that they will continue to bar girls from playing on boys teams.  The response from a BC school sports bureaucrat was a dubious and vague: “If students want to excel, there are other avenues for them to get that opportunity.”  Exactly what does that mean?

It’s true, for the most part, gender-based teams work out perfectly well, with the boys teams usually playing at a more physically demanding level.  This is not surprising as basic human physiology dictates such levels of play.  However, there are exceptions to every rule, and if a girl happens to have skill, strength, stamina and desire to compete on a boys team, she should be afforded a fair chance to do so.

There will always be detractors like Greg, Peter, and Bobby who remain stuck in the 1970’s view of gender equality equating to boys being allowed to then participate on girls teams, but this is simply ridiculous.  A boy playing on a girls team does not equate to a girl playing on a boys team.  Period.  Sorry Peter.

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