Yashimoto cube, I want you

Math + Toy = cool.

Okay, I want one.  My desk is messier than most, but I will clear a corner of it if I ever get a Yashimoto cube.  Then I will patiently wait for someone to enter my office, notice it, pick it up and ask, “What’s this?”

Casually, I will reach over and gently take the cube from their hand, settle back comfortably in my office chair and then begin to deftly manipulate it, revealling two cubes and then continuing the magic as in the video below.

Okay, maybe more geeky than cool.  I just might need to arrange a trip to NYC in order to visit the MOMA’s gift shop and pick up my very own Yashimoto cube.

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2 Comments on “Yashimoto cube, I want you”

  1. Barb Says:

    Nice blog!
    Why is your post on the yashimoto cube tagged for Desiderata?
    You’re awesome

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