Bad, bad, bottled water

Confession: Rarely, I repeat, rarely, I can be found at the local Walmart.  And on my rare excursions there, I have seen many strange things, including an early morning pep rally for employees.  There were 20 or so blue-aproned adults standing in a circle performing some kind of cheer.  About three quarters of them were really into it, while the others watched me walk by with a fearful look that seemed to beg me to rescue them.

My general rule of thumb about these trips to Walmart is that everything I see there is bad — bad for my health, bad for my psyche, bad for the environment, bad for the local economy, just bad, bad, bad.  This has lead me to believe that the following things are not good: over-sized plastic butterfly lawn ornaments, leaf blowers, Orange County Chopper t-shirts, fish-shaped pillows, and black stretchy pants.

However, the most horrifying thing I see when I am at Walmart are legions of shopping carts being wheeled out of the store, stacked high with cases of bottled water.  Bottled water!  How the general public was ever fooled into buying water (which comes free out of the tap) I will never know.  Some advertising executive must have been elevated to the status of demi-god after that coup.

The Polaris Institute, which is an amazing Ottawa-based organization which supports citizens to fight for social change, helped produce an excellent video to educate the public on how bottled water is not only unnecessary, but dangerous.

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One Comment on “Bad, bad, bottled water”

  1. Trebor Says:

    Technically, water does not come “free” out of the tap… not in my home anyway.

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