Recognizing volunteers

If you live in Ontario, over the next few weeks you will probably read about individuals in your community being recognized by Volunteer Service Awards.  This is a wonderful program which honours citizens who volunteer their time and service.  We all know people worthy of such recognition, but not many of us are aware of this program or how to go about nominating someone.

For the Youth Volunteer Service Award, nominees must be under 24 years old and have volunteered with one group for at least two consecutive years.  Adult nominees must have volunteered with one group for at least five years.  All nominees:

  • must not have received payment for their volunteer work;
  • must be active beyond simple membership and
  • must not have performed the services as part of their regular business or professional duties.

Nominations are eligible from organizations such as:

  • Not-for-profit and non-profit organizations and associations
  • Co-operatives
  • Boards and commissions
  • Businesses
  • Government ministries that recruit volunteers
  • Arts, educational and correctional institutions and schools
  • Municipalities
  • Long-term care homes and hospitals

Each year the deadline is January 25, but it’s not too early to nominate someone today.  Your organization can nominate someone online or download and print a PDF nomination form.

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