Shovelling compost the ergonomic way

A few weeks ago I “won” 3.5 cubic yards of compost.  I put “won” in quotations marks because it was a silent auction and I and another fellow kept running up the bids until I ended up with the winning bid just a few dollars short of the actual cost.

However, it was all for a good cause; the silent auction was part of the annual fund-raising brunch for Jamaica Self Help, a fantastic organization based in Peterborough, Ontario.  I won’t go into  detail explaining what they do (I strongly advise that you go to their website), but they support education and community development programmes in Jamaica and engage Canadian youth on global issues.  If you know a high school student interested in international development, have them explore their website.  They run incredible awareness trips for youth, having young Canadians volunteer on projects in Kingston, Jamaica.

I stuck with the bidding for the compost because I actually needed some (although perhaps not 3.5 cubic yards worth) and because the City of Peterborough Waste Management division’s compost program is awesome.  We routinely leave out brown bags of garden waste throughout the spring, summer, and fall, and it’s great to see it put to such good use.  I don’t know how they turn it into compost (giant compost bins?) or where, but I do know that the compost is amazing for gardens.  Every year my wife and I seem to increase the size of our gardens (more weeding) and decrease the size of our lawn (less mowing).  She has recently discovered the art of planting vegetables among the flowers and it’s led to some interesting combinations.  I’ll post pictures later this year.

I never minded digging in the dirt and this year I am actually excited about it.  For my birthday I received the unusual but also garden-geeky-cool ergonomic shovel pictured at the left.  It was a generous gift from my in-laws who picked it up at one of my favourite stores, Lee Valley.  I’d go into more detail about this remarkable tool, but I believe that I am needed in the garden.

How many wheelbarrows of compost in 3.5 cubic yards?  A lot!

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