Et tu, Nipissing?

Okay, this post is dedicated to Bill H who is has nudged me to return as the Banderblogger and who has given me a great tip on news story breaking up in North Bay.

It seems that Nipissing University is planning on conferring an honorary degree on former Ontario Premiere Mike Harris.  And yes, this is the same Nipissing University that is rumoured to be planning on naming its new $25 million library after Mike Harris and, yes, this is the same Mike Harris that gutted the Ontario public education system ten years ago.

Now, in Nipissing’s defence, it has an excellent teacher education faculty whose reputation is growing.  Why it would tarnish this reputation by associating itself with the man responsible for dismantling and hamstringing the school system is anybody’s guess.  Sure, Mike is a hometown boy, but why not honour some other local resident who is deserving of the honour, say, I don’t know . . . Michael J. Fox who publically campaigns on behalf of Parkinsons research or Scott Thompson of Kids in the Hall fame.  Hell, even North Bay-born Troy Hurtubise whose quest for grizzly-proof armour was documented in the NFB documentary Project Grizzly has more respect in Ontario than Mike Harris.

C’mon Nip U, give your head a shake.

And if you can’t get enough Mike Harris bashing, check out this great article in the Globe and Mail that compares present Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty with Harris.

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