Canadian Education Press Association

I was away from the blog for the past week as I attended the 50th annual meeting of the Canadian Educational Press Association.

Although it is always great to get together in this relatively exclusive club of communication specialists from the professional education community, for me the highlight of the event was our keynote speaker Jesse Hirsh.  Many of you will probably have heard of Jesse as he is a regular contributor to CBC radio where he discusses issues of emerging technology and culture.  The man is very bright and brings a sharp and philosophical perspective to how technology affects us.  I think Jesse defines what he does best when he contrasts himself against other tech-commentators: “They tend to idolize new technology and gadgets rather than analyzing their political and cultural impact.” (I am paraphrasing here).

Aside from his intelligence and his ability to critically analyze technology, Jesse is an amazing speaker whose voice captures the attention of everyone within earshot.  So, in the spirit of Plato’s Republic, I nominate Jesse Hirsh for King of the Internet — a position I am sure he would refuse because he seems so content to analyze our digital world that I doubt that, even if given the chance, he would want to rule it.

I found a great clip of Jesse waxing philosophical on anarchy on the internet.  Enjoy!

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