A thank-you gift for the teacher

With school almost out I know that there are some parents out there fretting over what to giver their child’s teacher(s) as a year-end thank-you gift.  I can tell you from experience that there are probably an equal number of teachers out there worrying about having to accept these gifts.  There is a wonderful article in the Toronto Sun that explains this phenomenon.

I never felt very comfortable receiving gifts from students, however I have accepted (among other things) the following gifts: home baked cookies, a chocolate Easter bunny, a hand-knit toque, two traditional Korean figurines, pieces of student-made art and countless mugs.  My most treasured gift was a hand-painted flower pot, made to look like a can of Fresca.  The student who made this for me was a talented artist who noticed that I grew plants at the back of my classroom and that I drank far too much Fresca.

However, my most common and appreciated gift was usually given to me by students after having written their final exam.  About one student in ten would drop off their completed exam on my desk and then shyly thank me for what they experienced in our class.  Some bolder kids would shake my hand and specifically tell me what they enjoyed most over the semester.  Now that’s a gift every teacher would welcome.

My Fresca flower pot.

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One Comment on “A thank-you gift for the teacher”

  1. Barb Says:

    I concur, a “thankyou” is wonderful to hear- it makes you feel like it has been worthwhile!

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